Casting Bentonite

Casting Bentonite is a sodium bentonite with high natural properties specifically designed for the sand molding process. It offers excellent moisture resistance, high strength, and high thermal values. It has a consistent compactibility level (40) that sets it apart from other bentonite products. Casting foundries benefit from its high thermal durability, reduced bentonite and sand addition, ideal for high-temperature applications or when active bentonites have high melting temperatures. The low-bentonite formulation minimizes product defects by reducing moisture and the total AFS clay content. Additionally, it significantly reduces costs for less environmentally friendly foundries in terms of waste disposal. This bentonite reduces the overall moisture requirements due to its low moisture demand for sand molds. This is crucial as high moisture levels can lead to casting defects such as gas defects and surface irregularities.
Döküm Bentonit
Bentonite Casting Technical Information:
Swelling Index 20-25
Gelation Coefficient Min 12
PH valuemin 8,5
Moisturemax 10
Sintered at 1070°C Value without sintering
Ignition Loss Max % 7,5
Colloidal Property It settles up to 3% within 24 hours.
Lime% 1 Max
MontmorilloniteMin % 66
Age Resistance At least 2000 g/cm2
Moisture Shrinkage Min 35 gr / cm2
Dry Strengthmin 2500 gr / cm2